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we aim to reach approximately 2 Crore audiences and eminent inviteesfrom the fashion, media and entertainment industry with a vision to grow as aleading fashion and entertainment event in India. The unique format and presentation of the show not only create tremendous scope for entertainment but also a platform for strong values of association for our partners and sponsors.

More than 30 weeklong events have been designed to focus on brand promotion and brand visibility with various innovative tools and unique style of presentations. Innovision Brand Management has been proactive in presenting various successful events in Delhi, now designed and presents various shows with futuristic vision. Supported by Vivo mobiles in season 1 & even in ongoing season 2,Fassionx provided a genuine platform for the deserving contestants & kept the promise of not taking any single penny from any contestants from starting till end of the contest, Fassionx is getting international soon as we are taking it in Dubai as well as in Russia in coming future.

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